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Hip & Knee

Arthritis is the leading cause of hip and knee joint deterioration, pain, and movement limitation. Because your hips and knees are weight-bearing joints, they are also highly susceptible to sports injuries and work-related injuries. Hip and knee injuries and conditions can be especially painful and debilitating.

At Columbia Orthopaedic Group in Missouri, our goal is to relieve your pain and get you back to your favorite activities as soon as possible. Our board-certified physicians provide state-of-the-art comprehensive care for an array of hip and knee problems, including:

If surgery is necessary, our doctors perform numerous procedures, including:

Knee surgery

Hip surgery

Don’t let knee or hip pain hold you back from what you love to do! Call our hip and knee specialists at Columbia Orthopaedic Group today at (573) 443-2402 to schedule an appointment.