Joint Replacement

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Joint Replacement

Arthritis is the most common cause of chronic joint pain and disability. If you have arthritis and non-surgical treatments no longer help to relieve your pain, you may need surgery. At Columbia Orthopaedic Group in Missouri, we have five board-certified surgeons who specialize in joint replacement surgery for the hip, knee and shoulder. They utilize traditional procedures as well as the latest surgical techniques, including:





  • Total ankle replacement

Joint Replacement, Revision and Resurfacing

  • Joint replacement surgery, also called arthroplasty, involves removing the damaged portion of the hip, knee or shoulder and replacing it with an artificial joint that allows for pain-free movement.
  • Revision surgery is performed to remove a previously implanted artificial joint and replace it with a new one. Revision arthroplasty may be necessary for a number of reasons. The artificial joint may loosen, infection may develop in the joint, one of the bones around the joint may be fractured, or part of the implant may break or wear down.
  • Unlike traditional total joint replacement, joint resurfacing does not remove the bones in the joint, but instead resurfaces the bone with smooth metal. Hip and knee resurfacing conserves bone and is a less-invasive procedure than total joint replacement.

Our doctors will thoroughly evaluate your condition and may perform arthroscopy  to help determine which surgery or type of artificial joint is best for you.

Don’t let joint pain hold you back from what you love to do! Call Columbia Orthopaedic Group today at (573) 443-2402 to learn more about joint replacement and joint revision surgery.