Arthritis Q and A with Dr. Thompson

Arthritis Q & A with Dr. Thompson

Dr. Samuel Thompson is a fellowship-trained adult hip and knee replacement surgeon at Columbia Orthopaedic Group in Columbia, Missouri. He specializes in anterior hip replacement, partial and total knee replacement, and outpatient (same-day) joint replacement surgery. He also offers nonoperative treatment for a variety of hip and knee conditions.

We asked Dr. Thompson to share a little bit about the causes and effects of arthritis, along with treatment and preventative options, depending on the level of seriousness of arthritis experienced by his patients.

Q #1: What is Arthritis?

When you think of arthritis, what immediately comes to mind? You might have a stereotypical image of someone 65+ years of age with warbly fingers, complaining about it every so often. But arthritis isn't limited to those who qualify for the senior discount. It can affect anyone at any age. You might even experience it yourself - in your hands, feet, knees, etc. Let's see what Dr. Thompson has to say about it.

Q #2: What are some symptoms of arthritis to look out for?

Do we develop arthritis from sleeping on the wrong side of the bed too many times? Is it when we stand after picking something up off the floor and hearing our knees pop? Some people imagine arthritis as a tight, stiff, painful grinding in their joints, the result of bone-on-bone contact. Dr. Thompson has some similar insights.

Q #3: How do I know if my arthritis is serious?

Arthritis affects everyone differently, and at different paces, depending on their family history, their genetic makeup and their day-to-day activities. For some, arthritis occurs mildly and progresses little over time, while for others, it can progress to something a bit more serious. How do we tell the difference?

Q #4: Can you cure arthritis?

Arthritis isn't often associated with other illnesses that medical science has been working for decades to cure. But that's not true. For those who suffer, or know of someone who suffers, from arthritis, they can tell you that arthritis is indeed degenerative and can be seriously debilitating to many patients. With that being said, is there an end in sight?

Q #5: What are some ways to manage my arthritis at varying stages?

So the arthritis is here to stay. What does that mean? How do you live with it while being proactive about maintaining it? Are there some healthy practices you can be implementing? What happens if the arthritis becomes too serious?

Arthritis isn't something you have to deal with alone. Depending on the type and seriousness of arthritis, there are ways to help treat it so it won't take control of your life and the things you want to do.

If you have moderate to severe arthritis, a family history of arthritis, or if you want more information on taking preventative measures for the future, our team at COG is here to help. Schedule an appointment today to get started with one of our trained physicians.

 There are a variety of treatments for arthritis, ranging from physical or occupational therapy to joint surgery. Your healthcare provider will assess your symptoms and recommend the right treatment plan for your needs. The main goals of arthritis treatments are to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life.

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