Workers' Compensation

At Columbia Orthopeadic Group, we are committed to providing you the best orthopaedic care in mid-Missouri and around the state. We will communicate with you in a timely manner, return injured patients back to work and ensure a complete range of workers' compensation orthopaedic services.

Columbia Orthopaedic Group works closely with nurse case managers, claims adjusters, attorneys, and employers to ensure a comprehensive and trouble-free process. This includes best-in-class treatment for injured workers' and professionally responsive and detailed attention to providers.

In addition to highly specialized care and treatment for on-the-job injuries, our orthopaedic specialists provide a variety of other workers' compensation services, including:

  • Rating reports
  • Independent Medical Exam
  • Second opinions

Our Worker's Compensation team first considers nonsurgical, conservative treatment, and will only recommend surgery if absolutely necessary. Our physicians fully understand the challenges associated with workplace injuries and are committed to providing quality care in a wide range of specialties which include:

Mark Adams, MD — Knees & Shoulders
Thomas Aleto, MD — Total Joint Replacement
Kurt Bormann, MD — Total Shoulder Replacement
Christopher Farmer, MD — Non-Surgical (Whole Body)
Joshua Hamann, MD — Knees & Shoulders
Tyler Jenkins, MD — Cervical & Thoracic & Lumbar Spine
Matthew Jones, MD — Upper Extremity
Brian Kleiber, MD — Foot & Ankle
Jason Koreckij, MD — IMEs (Independent Medical Exam-Spine)
Kurt Krautmann, MD — Foot & Ankle
S. Craig Meyer, MD — Cervical & Thoracic & Lumbar Spine
John Miles, MD — Cervical & Lumbar Spine
J. Camp Newton, MD — Pain Management
Michael Robertson, MD — Fracture Care Specialist
Matt Thornburg, MD — Non-Surgical (Whole Body)
Shawn Sahota, MD — Knees & Shoulders & Labral Tear of Hip
Patrick Smith, MD — Knees & Shoulders
B. Bus Tarbox, MD — Knees & Shoulders, Labral Tear of Hip
Shannon Yehyawi, MD — Upper Extremities

For additional information, please contact our dedicated workers' compensation manager, Sandra Hayes.
PHONE: 573-441-3798
FAX: 573-441-3753