Patient Appointments

There are 4 ways for you to request an appointment at Columbia Orthopaedic Group!


Fill out the form below to submit an Appointment request. Please be as detailed as possible to ensure that we can provide you the best service.


You may text us at (573) 207-5310 and request an appointment. We will contact you to confirm your personal information. This is a TEXT ONLY number, please do not call it or it will forward you to our main Clinic number


You may email us at to request a callback for an appointment. Please provide a current telephone so that we can contact you to confirm your personal information.


You may call our Appointment Staff at 573-876-8141 at anytime between 8am and 5pm. We will be happy to assist you with your appointment request

NOTE: If you choose to text or email us, you understand that your information may not be secure, and agree to take this risk.

For Other information:

Work Comp Call (573) 441-3798
Billing: Call (573) 876-1001
Copies of Records Call (573) 876-8154 or Fill out online form or Print this form and fax to 573-876-8154
Pharmacy: Call (573) 876-8410
DME (Braces): Call (573) 876-8405
Radiology: Call (573) 876-8147
MRI/CT: Call (573) 441-3740
Insurance: Call (573) 876-1002
Disability Forms: Call (573) 876-1003
Marketing: Call (573) 441-3743
Bone Health Clinic: Call (573) 876-8153 or email
Main Clinic: Call (573) 443-2402