You Won't Believe What This Guy Can Do on a Knee Replacement!

You Won't Believe What This Guy Can Do on a Knee Replacement!

Originally diagnosed with meniscus problems in his knee, Pastor Jeff Sutton wanted to get back to adventure racing. Adventure racing is typically a multi-disciplinary team sport involving navigation over an unmarked wilderness course lasting anywhere from two hours up to two weeks in length.

It's not for the timid. It's not easy at all.

So when Pastor Jeff had knee pain, he had to get it checked out. "After a less than ideal experience with surgery elsewhere, I ended up at Columbia Orthopaedic Group.

"By that time walking was very painful. My meniscus was gone, and I was walking bone on bone."

"My goal was to return to running an adventure race ASAP. After a few visits, we realized my knee was too far gone. My doctor recommended a new knee."

Dr. David Hockman, a knee replacement specialist stepped in and performed a total knee replacement; a new knee on which to adventure.

"Dr. Hockman was amazing! Although the road to recovery was really hard, he was with me all along the way. He always gave me whatever time I needed. Although he was upfront that my active lifestyle was not recommended to continue in quite the same way, he was realistic about the stresses I planned to put on my new knee, and he helped me with everything in his arsenal to achieve a "normal" life."

Pastor Jeff completed an eight-hour adventure race last year and is so happy Dr. Hockman was the answer to his prayers.

You Won't Believe What This Guy Can Do on a Knee Replacement!

Dr. Hockman is a Missouri native who came to Columbia Orthopaedic Group in 2003 and is committed to "Moving You Forward" in joint replacement surgery. Since that time, he has performed over 7,000 primary and revision knee replacements on patients from across the country. His practice is now exclusively limited to partial, total, and revision knee replacements.

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