Take Control of your Chronic Pain with Dr. J. Camp Newton

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Chronic Pain Webinar

Virtual Webinar: Wednesday, March 8, 2023
FREE seminar starts at 6:00 PM (Central)

Are you struggling with chronic pain in your neck, back, hips or knees? When medications, PT, nerve blocks, and surgery fail - we have another option to help put pain in its place. If chronic pain is keeping you from enjoying daily activities such as walking, working, and spending time with loved ones - it may be time to seek a solution.

Join our discussion on chronic pain solutions with pain management physician, Dr. J. Camp Newton. We will be discussing potential causes, symptoms, and treatment options including radiofrequency and stimulators for pain relief.

Talk to a pain specialist for free! Dr. Newton will be answering your questions. Here at Columbia Orthopaedic Group we are treating pain and changing lives.

Watch the Webinar Here
Watch the Webinar