Andrew James, APRN-BC

Andrew James, APRN-BC

Bone Health and Nutrition Management
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Andrew James is a board-certified advanced practice nurse in adult health. His practice, Proactive Orthopaedics, is focused on improving and maintaining function through idealizing bone health and weight management.  

He has worked at COG for over 20 years including 10 years working with spine surgeons. While working in those practices, Andrew saw many patients with two unfortunately common problems—fractures and excessive weight.  Fracture patients were sometimes seen repeatedly with no apparent interval diagnosis or treatment.

Excessive weight predisposes people to arthritic conditions and results in a less than ideal outcome for those who proceed with surgery. 

Andrew opened the Bone Health Center in January 2013 focusing on diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis. Discussion with patients includes nutrition, supplementation and medication therapies when indicated to prevent fractures. He collaborates with physical therapy for design of individualized exercise programs.

Proactive was expanded to include the Nutrition Management Center in May 2017. The program is comprised of office visits and weight loss diet plan which can include a medically managed very low calorie diet (VLCD) and group classes for education and accountability. Andrew collaborates with physical therapy for exercise program, dietician if the patient would like to create a comprehensive meal plan and/or a behavioral counselor when necessary for issues such as emotional eating. The primary focus is lifestyle modification for long term weight loss success.

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