Get to Know Orthopaedic Surgeon Josh Hamann

Get to Know Orthopaedic Surgeon Josh Hamann

Dr. Josh Hamann grew up on a farm in eastern Iowa where he learned hard work and the satisfaction of a job well done. Working with his father, who was a carpenter, he learned to use the tools of the trade and work with his hands, which translated perfectly into Orthopaedics. This, combined with Dr. Hamann's love of athletics led him to his career in Sports Medicine.

Dr. Hamann is a board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon specializing in arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgeries of the knee, shoulder, and hip, articular restoration, and ligament reconstruction and sports medicine. He has been with Columbia Orthopaedic Group since 2016. He is passionate about orthopedics and staying up on the newest, cutting-edge techniques and technology such as Needle Arthroscopy.

Getting to Know Orthopaedic Surgeon Josh Hamann

We interviewed Dr. Hamann to find out more about how he became an orthopedic surgeon and what drives him to excel in his field.

What can patients expect when they have a consultation with you?
I want patients to leave a consultation with me knowing that I have listened to their problems and concerns.  That I have given them my attention about what is bothering them and that I understand what their goals are to improve the situation.  I hope they leave with an understanding of what I think the problem is and what their options are to correct that.  That they have been given options of treatment and that they were involved in a decision of treatment moving forward.

Most important thing you'd like your patients to know about orthopaedics (your area of speciality)?
Sports medicine orthopedics is less about surgery and more about getting patients back to their activities.  My sports medicine practice is for athletes young and old.  Not just football players, but for occupational athletes as well.  Hard work is not done on the playing field only.  I like getting patients back to sports but also to their lives.

What kind of patient would you be?
I got into orthopedic surgery because of my own injuries.  I had knee surgeries when I was in high school and college.  Now, I would be a terrible patient because I do not like to slow down or take time off from work.  I do not know that I would follow all of my own restrictions after the surgeries I performed.  I have tried to be cognizant of patient's own schedules and lifestyles.  I think it helps that I have been through some of the surgeries myself.  I rarely scold the patient for not following my restrictions after surgery, but it is a fun day in the clinic when we get to release somebody back to full activities.

First car?
My first car was a hand me down white Pontiac.  I worked on the farm taking care of animals and riding tractor. 

First job?
My first real paid job was pumping gas and changing oil at a full service gas station in my small town in Iowa.

What station is your radio on?
Musically I listen to country music and classic rock.  I also like many other kinds of music, bluegrass, Christian Rock, etc.  Lately I have been getting back into my old Dave Matthews Band albums. Mostly however, I am listening to news and political talk radio on my drive to and from work. I like to be well versed in the affairs of the day.

Favorite vacation?
I like to get away with friends and family.  I like to hang out at the lake with a cooler on the dock.  I am not a big beach person, but my wife will drag me frequently.  Like to go skiing in the winter, I am hoping that my kids pick that up so we can go more often.

Dr. Hamann lives in Columbia with his wife, Keira, and 3 children. Dr. Hamann enjoys spending time with his family and golden retriever, Jefferson, as well as spending time outside and using his carpentry skills to build his wife's Pinterest projects. He is an avid sports fan, cheering for the Iowa Hawkeyes and St. Louis Cardinals.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Josh Hamann call  573-876-8141 for any questions or inquiries. You can fill out our online appointment request form to set up a consultation.

Getting to Know Orthopaedic Surgeon Josh Hamann