The Marvel of Being Pain-Free

Bionic Woman Seeks Endgame: The Marvel of Being Pain-Free

This is not an Avengers spoiler. Glenda McCollum is an active senior who likes to be on the move and do the things she likes to do, like cooking a big meal.

She calls herself the "Bionic Woman" because she's had doctors at Columbia Orthopaedic Group help her in the past who helped with joint replacement surgery.

The Marvel of Being Pain-FreeBut recently, pain in her back reached a new level. That's when she found Columbia Orthopaedic Group pain specialist, Dr. J. Camp Newton.

"Dr. Newton is the best. He cares about my problems and he really wants to get rid of my pain. He has a great bedside manner and makes me feel good."

Recently, Dr. Newton performed Radiofrequency Ablation on Glenda which is a burning of the nerves that are causing the pain.

"After that procedure, I was able to cook a big meal and even washed all the dishes afterward."

Glenda said she will stay in Dr. Newton's care because of his staff and the way they take care of her.

Dr. Newton is a fellowship-trained Interventional Pain physician and provides a comprehensive multi-modal pain management program. This begins with a detailed diagnostic workup that includes clinical evaluation and necessary studies and imaging. After evaluation, he initiates conservative adjunctive medical management and appropriate interventional therapy. He also implements functional restorative programs such as physical therapy and cognitive/behavioral evaluations and treatment programs.

Dr. Newton For an appointment with Dr. Newton, call (573) 876-8141.

And for more specific information about Dr. Newton, please visit his page.