Chronic Shoulder Pain Webinar:
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Chronic Shoulder Pain Webinar

What are you missing out on because of chronic shoulder pain? Shoulder pain specialist, Kurt Bormann, MD, can help you get back in the swing of things! 

Dr. Bormann is available to consult chronic vs. acute shoulder pain including arthritis, sports injuries, rotator cuff tears and when shoulder replacement may be necessary. 
Common shoulder pain symptoms include: 

  • Pain that radiates from the upper shoulder down the elbow
  • Difficulty moving the afflicted shoulder
  • Pain that becomes worse after laying on the afflicted shoulder
  • A dull, achy sensation in the shoulder and upper arm
  • Weakness when moving the shoulder
  • Pain when raising arm overhead

If your daily mobility is limited from shoulder pain, we have options. The earlier you seek treatment means shorter recovery times and back to your favorite activities! Schedule an appointment today to talk with our shoulder specialist, Kurt Bormann, MD!

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