Collar Bone Fracture (Clavicle Fracture)

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Your collar bone is one of the main bones in your shoulder. It generally occurs when there is a fall that puts enough pressure to snap or break the bone. These can be very painful breaks and make up about 5 percent of all adult fractures.

Signs and Symptoms
A clavicle fracture can be very painful and may make it hard to move your arm. Other signs and symptoms of a fracture may include:

  • Sagging of the shoulder downward and forward
  • Inability to lift the arm because of pain
  • A grinding sensation when you try to raise the arm
  • A deformity or "bump" over the break
  • Bruising, swelling, and/or tenderness over the collarbone

The physician will use X-ray or CT scans to provide proper imaging and to determine the best course of treatment.

Most broken collar bones can heal without surgery. Non-surgical treatment includes:

  • Arm Support. A sling will be used to hold the bone in place and provide comfort while the injury heals.
  • Medication. This will help manage any pain.
  • Physical Therapy. With direction from your care team, patients can begin physical therapy to prevent stiffness and maintain mobility.

With proper follow-up visits, you can return to some of your regular activities when the clavicle has started to heal properly. If the bone has shifted out of place significantly, there might be a need for surgery. Your physician and care team will assist you through the entire process.

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