Hip Labral Repair

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A hip labral tear is a rip in the ring of cartilage (labrum) following the outside rim of the socket of your hip joint. The hip is shaped like a ball-and-socket. The socket (acetabulum) and the ball (femoral head) are located at the top of the leg bone (the femur). In addition to cushioning the hip joint, the labrum acts like a rubber seal or gasket to help hold the ball at the top of your thighbone securely within your hip socket.

A hip labral tear can be caused by structural abnormalities, wear and tear, or injury.
People who participate in sports, dance, or perform repetitive twisting movements are at higher risk of developing hip labral tears.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Pain or stiffness in the hip, groin, or buttocks
  • Instability when standing or walking
  • Clicking noise in the hip area when in motion
  • Limited range of motion in your hip joint

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