Elbow Fractures

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The elbow is made up of a group of bones connecting the upper arm to the forearm bones. The elbow includes ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Three major nerves cross the elbow joint, which is why an elbow fracture can cause significant pain and discomfort.

Elbow fractures occur from a direct blow to the elbow from sports, car accidents, or falls, particularly on an outstretched arm.

There are three types of elbow fractures, including:

  1. Olecranon fracture: This is one of the most common elbow fractures. It involves the olecranon, which is the bony tip of the elbow. It's especially widespread because the olecranon has little soft tissue protection.
  2. Distal humerus fracture: This is an uncommon elbow fracture affecting the distal humerus, the bone connecting the elbow to the shoulder joint.
  3. Radial head and neck fractures: This is a common occurrence in conjunction with elbow dislocation.

Signs and Symptoms

  1. Swelling on the tip of the elbow
  2. Bruising around the elbow or up the arm
  3. Tenderness, redness, or warmth
  4. Numbness in the elbow or fingers
  5. Pain with movement
  6. A sensation of instability in the joint

Treatment options
Seek treatment options if you feel you have symptoms matching the above described to maintain the health of your hand, wrist, and elbow.

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