A dislocated elbow occurs when the forearm bones become misaligned with the humerus (upper arm bone). The elbow is one of the most common large joints to dislocate. The injury usually results from a fall, most commonly with the arm all the way out. Car accidents, sports, and overuse can also cause elbow dislocation. Children can experience elbow dislocation when someone yanks their arm.

Elbow dislocation can be partial or complete.

  • Luxation is a complete elbow dislocation that involves a total separation
  • Subluxation is when the elbow joint is partially dislocated

Dislocation damages the ligaments of the elbow and can also damage the surrounding muscles, nerves, and tissues that connect the bones to a joint.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Bone appears out of place
  • Weakness in the joint
  • Loss of mobility and inability to bend your arm
  • Severe pain

Treatment options
Elbow dislocation can be painful and affect mobility. You should seek immediate medical treatment if you think you have an elbow dislocation. Treatment reduces the risk of irreversible damage.

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