Femur Fractures

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A femur fracture is a crush, crack, or break injury of the thigh bone. It can be referred to as a broken hip or fracture when the break occurs in the upper part of the bone closest to the hip joint. Simple femur fractures characterized by short cracks in the bone usually do not require surgery. It is sometimes referred to as a hip fracture or broken hip when the break is in the upper part of the bone near the hip joint area. Simple femur fractures, characterized by short cracks in the bone, usually do not require surgery.

A femur fracture can be a serious injury that causes a lot of pain. A break in the femur bone, one of the strongest bones in the body, is usually a result of severe injury or trauma such as a car crash.

Though femur fractures differ based on the type of injury and how it occurred, they often impact one or more of the three areas on the femur shaft.

  • A proximal femur fracture (upper portion of the bone) occurs next to the hip joint.
  • A femoral shaft fracture (middle portion of the bone) usually results in very severe injuries.
  • A supracondylar femur fracture occurs in the area just above the knee, though fortunately, they are less common.

A stable fracture occurs when the pieces of the bone line up correctly, while a displaced fracture occurs when the break is not aligned.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Immediate and severe pain
  • Difficulty moving the leg
  • Inability to stand, walk, or put weight on the injured leg
  • Leg may look deformed
  • Leg may appear shorter than the uninjured leg
  • In severe cases, the bone may be pushing through the skin

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